Sunday, March 27, 2016

Israel/Palestine War

Summary Execution of Wounded Palestinian
The war between Israel and Palestine has been going on for  over 66 years. The land of Palestine has been shrinking and taken by Israel throughout this bloody and lengthy war. There is hatred among brothers and sisters (Israel/Palestine), and the cries of the Palestinians are being heard but no one is doing anything about it. I read an article about a shooting of a Palestinian man by an Israelite (nothing new with this script), but footage of the shooting has surfaced but no judgement has been made.

March 24,2016 in the West Bank city of Hebron,an Israeli soldier opened fire and shot an unarmed Palestinian. “The video of al-Sharif’s killing by an Israeli soldier shows both an apparent cold-blooded murder and numerous witnesses, which should make for a strong legal case,”.“The question is whether Israeli authorities will do what they haven’t done in countless other cases and bring the alleged killer to justice.”
Although this article mostly highlights the shooting of the young man and Israel's injustices;I was more upset by the fact that incidents like this happen on a day to day basis and the international community just ignores it.
It is apparent that we are not humane anymore, we have become so used to seeing blood shed. Something needs to be done to not only stop this war but unite the people of Israel and Palestine. No human deserves to be called a dog. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Reflection 4

On Tuesday we had an opportunity to get a lecture from Dr.Boukhars about radical Islam and also about the Sunni and Shia divide. Isis origins can be traced back from the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Isis was then known as Al-Qaeda, but as time went on it branched out to Syria and then changed its leadership and name, to what we know it to be now ; Isis. It is clear that the divide between the Shia and Sunni has worsened terror groups. The Sunni population is a majority in nations like Syria, and it is ruled by Shia authority, which tends to mistreat them. Extremist groups such like Al-Qaeda and Isis, try to gain people’s support by saying that they are fighting for the Sunni Muslim populations. Nations like Iran (majority Shia), in fact support terror groups like Hezbollah because of this need for power to the opposing sides of Islam (Sunni and Shia). Having powerful nations support extremist groups does not better the chances of these radical groups declining.

Another important thing that was brought up from the lecture, was the profile of these people joining these terror groups. A group like Isis, preys on youth who were juvenile delinquents and have just converted to Islam. People who join terror groups also tend to be discriminated against or feel like they do not fit in their communities.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Reflection #3 Massamba Diop

Reflection #3
Massamba Diop

The drumming concert by Massamba Diop was very intriguing and inspiring. The passion that the drummer had was easily noticeable and they also had a dancer who was very good and passionate about his culture. The drumming was heavily influenced by the Mali empire music and Massamba spoke of his heritage and how they had influences of the French and also Arabs. One thing that made me happy was how they tried to get the audience involved in their performance. It was a really great site seeing everyone getting involved and also interested in the culture of the Grios (uncle Massamba’s tribe). Sama waye (my friend) was a theme of the show, they talked about how friendship was important; we need to value the relationships and also be one with nature.

 This is a song sama waye, it is not the same version we heard, but it has the same message.