Sunday, April 3, 2016

Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Ref #5

So recently in the Arab world we have been talking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it is a really touchy subject that we need to quickly find a solution to. The lecture by Professor Zaru gave me a very clear insight of what life is like for people of Palestine who live in an occupied land. I think what would be a good solution to this conflict would be for Israel and Palestine to be two separated states and for the Israel government to respect the Palestinian land. It is clear that the current "two-state" plan is not working because Israel is clearly abusing the human rights and international laws of the Palestinian land. This whole division of Palestine with area A,B, and C is unfair to the people of Palestine. First and foremost Israel is mistreating these people (occupiers), they decide when they will cut off both water and power supplies. Life is unpredictable for Palestinians and it is very unfortunate that they have to live this way on a daily basis.

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