Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reflection 6

Today we got an amazing opportunity to hear Dr.Leahy talk about the international communities relationship with the Israel and Palestine conflict. She talked about how after Hamas won the elections in Palestine, not only did the UN stop funding them, but so did the US, Russia etc. The US says it will support Israel no matter the conditions. We all came to a conclusion that the US will ignore all the international law that Israel breaks, because they are our ally. I completely agree with all the statements that were made in her lecture. Given the history, Israel gets away with a lot of crime it commits because it knows it has one of the most powerful nations behind its back. We also learned about how the big 5 nations in the UN affect the whole function of the organization. This makes it useless when it comes to the mistreatment of the people of Palestine. 

I find it also unfair how the US spends tax dollars on Israel each year. The US gives Israel approximately 3.2 billion. Mind you Israel is not a third world country, we need to stop spending money on Israel and actually help countries that are in dire need of money and resources. 

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