Sunday, May 8, 2016

Reflection 8

It has been a very long and interesting semester in this class. I have learned a lot more than I intentionally expected myself to learn. One of the most memorable lessons is the one we had about the Palestine and Israel conflict. Having Dr.Zaru come in there and tell us about how life was for people who lived on occupied land was very eye opening. I did not know that Israel had divided Palestine into 3 areas (A,B, and C). Within these 3 areas of 1 country, there were 3 various "leaders", but Israel has a say in all of these 3 areas. Going to the various embassies was also fun and educational. I learned about the various policies in each of these embassies we visited. This was a great class to take, because it helped me see the world in a different light. Living in the US and watching news here, it is natural for one to be bias on certain issues that they do not really understand. But taking this SIS has made me a better researcher, I do not only rely on western news, I look at other news sources so that way I can see two different opinions.

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